About this blog

This blog is intended to provoke thought and pierce the protective layers of  denial, apathy and delusion.  Its goal is to motivate people to put aside their excuses and take action to rectify the injustices that afflict them.  Rigged rules, entrenched privilege, self-serving leaders and religious and political ideologues need to be changed or challenged.

Democracy requires participation from everyone, and not just for the few minutes every couple of years that it takes to vote.  Our country has been captured by corporate power and our politics is being steered by fringe fanatics hollering about taking it back. In truth, what they want is to take it backwards.

When you’re ready to act, consult the website www.bad-influence.org  for inspiration, education and motivation. Then go out and commit democracy!

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One thought on “About this blog

  1. So well-said – I don’t know how to begin to “comment”. My biggest and best hope is that these “bad influence” blogs will be noted and taken up by the powers that must still exist out there in medialand and flown from a more public flag. They are definitely “words to live by” in today’s Greater Depression #II. HELP!!!

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